real romance

Real Rmance is real-life drama that’s bigger than the big screen – it’s the grand romantic moments we wait our whole lives for.

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13 x 30'

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Film Garden Entertainment





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Blind dates that turn into true loves, surprise weddings proposals, reunions of long lost lovers – the very stuff that romance novels and classic Hollywood love stories are made of. These romantic moments capture our attention and our hearts. Real Romance is a reality television series that gives you a front row seat to some of the greatest drama real life has to offer.

Each half-hour episode is divided into segments that document a real life love story or romantic encounter. Our cameras will be there to capture the surprise on a young woman’s face when her sweetheart “pops the question,” and the tender exchanges between husband and wife at their surprise 50th anniversary party. We’ll live vicariously through our starry eyed newlyweds as they embark on their honeymoon, sweat it out with an anxious couple setting out on their first date, and be swept off our feet by passionate true stories of love at first sight.

Woven throughout the show will be heartwarming tales of first meetings and nostalgic accounts of love and romance that have endured through the years. We’ll meet matchmakers, romance advisors and proposal consultants and witness them working their magic on the lovelorn and love struck alike. Emotional, funny, and spontaneous true love stories play themselves out before our eyes as REAL ROMANCE takes the intimate and romantic moments we cherish in the movies and brings them to life.

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