pearl islands

Discover the story of the pearl, a tumultuous tale that dates back to the birth of civiisation.

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1 x 60'

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Save our Seas





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The story of the pearl is a tumultuous tale that dates back to the birth of civilisation. The magical allure and unearthly lustre of this Queen of Gems seduced the rich and powerful, holding them spellbound for centuries. As the passion for the gems escalated, so did the status of the island of Bahrain – the source of the world's finest pearls. Until the early nineteen hundreds, men from the islands of Bahrain sailed the Arabian Gulf in search of treasure. For months, they braved the dangers of open water. Free diving, they had only minutes to achieve their goal. Their elusive trophy, hidden within oyster shells, was the purest of pearls, known as the Queen of Gems. These are not just any pearls, they are the finest in the world. This is the story of how the smallest of treasures brought great fortune and fame to an Arabian archipelago, the islands of Bahrain.

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