mega brew

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1 x 60'

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Hoff Productions in association with Off the Fence





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On an acre in St Louis, The Anheuser-Busch plant produces more than ten million pints of beer a day. A-B use pioneering brewing technology, skilled brewer-artisans and finely sourced ingredients to make their signature beer: Budwieser. Divided between hot and cold sides, we move through the factory alongside the brew as temperatures drop to fifty degrees and rise to one-hundred-and-five. Quality Controls at each stage in the process avoid a bad batch. Then, in a swish of red and white on miles of conveyor belts and through intricate machines, we watch as the beer is packaged. We also visit A-B’s malting facility, the tallest building in Iowa, where barley is harvested and malted. We also pay a visit to U.C. Davis, where top experts unlock the secrets behind yeast and hops, beer’s vital ingredients. This ‘Harvard of Brewing’ has the largest collection of yeasts in the world. A fragile organism, they show how keeping them alive is a delicate task. Forget the brewery tour, this is an all-access pass!

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