wildest indochina

This series sweeps across the most diverse peninsular in the world.

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5 x 60'

Production Company

Off the Fence Productions






Bronze Prize - China Dragon Awards for Episode China - Shenzhan, Guangdong Province

Episode Information

Join us on the most diverse peninsular in the world. From Malaysia, southwest China and Vietnam to Cambodia and Thailand, Indochina boasts breath-taking landscapes, historic cities, tropical jungles and animals galore. With mountains, pygmy elephants, turtles and rare birds it is no wonder that it’s a hub for wildlife enthusiasts. From the rainforests, caves, and swamps of Malaysia to the rocky shorelines and grass plains of Thailand; the monsoons, raging rivers and flooding lakes of Cambodia to the snow-capped mountains and tropical jungles of China, Indochina provides a uniquely complex challenge to wildlife hoping to find a home. But nature always finds a way, and the consequence has simply been some of the most diverse, radical, creative animal adaptations known to science. Join us in this region of diversity and splendour for the wildest ride of your life.

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