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Great White Shark - A Living Legend
Great White Shark - A Living Legend 1 x 60'
One man’s nightmare is another man’s dream: it’s Mike Rutzen’s desire to swim with Great White Sharks when they are hunting. Mike is the world’s foremost great white shark diver, thanks to his unique ability to communicate with them using body language. He’s been on more than 500 dives with great whites outside the cage. But now his greatest challenge is to dive with these top predators when they hunt. From the surface, a great white shark attack is one of the most spectacular of all sights – a breaching 1 tonne animal leaping out of the water at 50kph. To be in the water when this happens has never been attempted – or thought possible.

His revolutionary techniques enable him to decode their behaviour and dive, unprotected, into their underwater ambush site. With sharks searching, seeking and attacking, he gains an unprecedented insight into the intelligence and sophistication of the world’s most feared animal.
Joe Kennedy
Executive Producer
Ellen Windemuth
Produced For
An Off the Fence production for the