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Stan Lee's Superhumans (Series 2)
Stan Lee's Superhumans (Series 2) 13 x 60'
Hosted by Stan Lee, co-creator of Spiderman and X-Men, this incredible series goes in search of people with genuine, real-life super-powers.

First Daniel is in Canada to meet Pat Poviliatis, a man who boasts his hands are tough enough to withstand the deadly jaws of a steel-tooted cougar-trap.

Meanwhile, Sam Whittingham claims to have built the fastest human powered machine on the planet. His combination of design genius, and physical strength could make him the ultimate superhuman man with a brain like a hard drive.

Brad Williams claims to have Super Autobiographical Memory, which means his brain has the power to remember and catalogue almost everything that has ever happened to him, down to the tiniest details.

And Annalisa Flanagan is rumoured to have the loudest voice on earth, 122db. That's enough to cause physical pain and permanent ear damage.
Andrew Zikking
Executive Producer
Allison Bean, Ellen Windemuth
Produced For
An Off the Fence production in association with The History Channel