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Obese And Expecting
Obese And Expecting 1 x 60'
Maria, Alissa, Denise, and Jeanette are four mums-to-be with a common problem: morbid obesity. This special dives deep into their private struggles through pregnancy, from body image issues to relationship dramas to near-death experiences.

While Alissa is torn between her family and her estranged husband, Jeanette has to face the consequences of her massive weight-gain bringing her up to over 420lb. Denise is determined not to cheat on her diet, but temptation is everywhere, while Maria’s severe asthma and diabetes are only making her weight problems worse. She and her unborn daughter may not make it out of the hospital alive.

Nevertheless, the message from every one of our big moms is the same: that every woman, no matter her shape or weight, has the right to be pregnant. If they can do it.
Emre Izat, Liz Layton
Executive Producer
Ellen Windemuth