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Mega Factories: Corona
Mega Factories: Corona 1 x 60'
Corona is Mexico’s biggest selling beer, and the world’s most imported beer. We go inside the giant brewery, the core of a beer empire worth $15bn annually.

To keep up with the phenomenal demand for its beer, this mega-factory is attempting to brew, bottle, pack and ship, 13m bottles of Corona in just 24 hours, making it the biggest brewery on earth.

This factory is not the biggest by size, but intends to become the biggest by output, claiming it has the capacity to brew a staggering 2.4bn litres of beer every year. The only way it can achieve this is by working non-stop at every stage of production. Overseeing this process is Carlos Manuel, chief brew-master of Corona, and he is here to oversee the entire production process.

But can this enormous factory really do all this at full capacity for 24 hours and hit the staggering figure of 13 million in a single day? This film finds out.
Andrew Zikking
Executive Producer
Emre Izat