stan lee's superhumans (series 3)

Back for a third series Stan Lee, co-creator of Spiderman and X-Men, is once again on ythe hunt people with genuine, real-life super-powers.

programme information


10 x 60'

Production Company

An Off the Fence Production for The History Channel

Executive Producer

Allison Bean



Episode Information

Hosted by Stan Lee, co-creator of Spiderman and X-Men, this incredible series goes in search of people with genuine, real-life super-powers. Super-strength appears in almost all comics, whether a natural-born ability or the result of some misguided scientific experiment. This time we investigate four claims of genuine real-life super-strength that appear to take human power to mind boggling levels. Ales Novak claims to have the ability to scale ropes incredibly fast, using his own pulling power. We test the man known as the human winch, to find out if he is truly superhuman. Kevin Fast claims he's the strongest man in the world. He says his ability is a power granted by God, but he's going to attempt to pull a 140 tonne truck, a machine designed to move mountains. And Jim Dreyer is an endurance swimmer who can swim for days on end, while towing tons of weight behind him, like a human tug boat.

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