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Biggest Nose in Borneo
Biggest Nose in Borneo 1 x 60'
In the mangrove forests of Borneo, having a big nose is the route to success for male proboscis monkeys. It is the highway to a female’s heart. A truly successful proboscis, however, also needs a nose for opportunity.

This story follows the adventures of two male monkeys. Alistair is the alpha male, the Big Nose in this forest, with 22 wives. He tries to hang onto his empire but Bill, a young upstart, challenges him for his kingdom – or at least a few of his females.

Crisis breaks, however, with the advent of two unforeseen disasters. First, a lengthy drought robs the monkeys of food and water, and then foresters arrive intent on turning their forest home into an oil palm plantation. Their struggle to survive these twin disasters tests the monkeys like never before. It's an ordeal that provides an extraordinary insight into their lives, revealing a sharp intelligence and, eventually, an ability to adapt to a changing world.
Micheal Wong
Executive Producer
Ellen Windemuth
Produced For
A Michael Patrick Wong & Off The Fence Production in association with Discovery US | Animal Planet International | NDR Naturfilm | Canal Plus | ORF