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Changemakers Asia
Changemakers Asia 3 x 60'
Had enough of eco-doom and gloom? Taking swimming lessons to cope with the rising sea-levels after climate change? This series looks at some of the weirdest climate change projects emerging from Asia. With its ever-increasing emissions comes the huge threat of climate change.

But Changemakers won’t take no for an answer. They’ve been told that Asia is the problem, with its ever-increasing emissions – but they also know that Asia, with its boundless energy and creativity, can come up with the solutions, too. Scientists and activists across all fields of science and technology are coming up with ideas large and small that all make a difference – and can help inspire others the world over.

We meet the Japanese scientist who believes seaweed is the answer to our energy needs, and the Indian pioneer who makes water pumps powered by merry-go-rounds.
Jonathan Schutz
Executive Producer
Ellen Windemuth, Tony Chow
Produced For
Produced by Off the Fence for Discovery Networks Asia Pacific and in association with the Economic Development Board of Singapore