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Great Dance, The
Great Dance, The 1 x 90'
!Nqate is a hunter. His home is the Kalahari. His people depend on him for their survival. This is his story, in his own words.

The !Xo San of the central Kalahari have been a part of this vast desert landscape since ancient times. Through their eyes we find a world invisible to outsiders. The subtlest signs are imperceptible to the untrained eye, but they are enough to lead !Nqate to his prey. Tracks in the sand are only the beginning — the skill of the San hunter is to possess a sixth sense, a complex bond between man and animal.

The ultimate expression of this relationship is the ‘chasing hunt’ — a run to the death. This incredible feat of skill, tenacity and endurance is rarely practiced and has never before been filmed. We join Karoha as he alone runs down his prey, tracking at high speed over difficult terrain and in 46ºC heat, until either man or animal must collapse from sheer exhaustion.

Innovative mini-cam techniques, specially developed for the film, give the viewer unique points-of-view of both the hunter and the hunted in an effort to understand their ancient relationship.
Ellen Windemuth
Executive Producer
James Hersov
Produced For
Aardvark | Earthrise | Liquid Pictures | Off the Fence