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Ultimate Tanker
Ultimate Tanker 1 x 60'
The world is running out of oil, but one mega-tanker could unlock the planet’s last reserves.

Enter the FPSO, a Floating, Processing, Storage and Offloading vessel - a high tech floating rig, designed to extract deep-sea oil from waters too dangerous for traditional oil rigs. The FPSO is also the ultimate recycling project.

This film follows the extreme makeover of the ‘Pioneer’, a rusty 17 year-old tanker as it gets converted into a state-of-the-art FPSO. If the makeover succeeds, ‘Pioneer’ will be the first ever FPSO in American waters and will tap oil wells that lie at a record breaking 2.6km under the sea.
Sharon De Mello
Executive Producer
Adrian Ong
Produced For
Produced by The Right Angle and Off the Fence for National Geographic Channel International in association with the Media Development Authority of Singapore