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Monkey Thieves - Special
Monkey Thieves - Special 1 x 60'
This is the continuing story of the 60-strong troop of rhesus macaques that live in a beautiful Hindu Temple, Galta. This charismatic troop of monkeys finds their peaceful temple lifestyle interrupted by an ever-worsening drought.

It falls to the group’s leader, a 10 year old male, to make sure his troop find new sources of food before the temple hand-outs run out.

In India, monkeys are legally as well as spiritually protected, but with food being stolen from right under their noses, many locals are losing their patience. Jaipur has appointed an official monkey catcher to try and keep the pests under control. And there’s a rebel in the ranks, a nine year old male macaque launches a takeover bid and sparks a vicious fight.

Will the dramas caused by the drought ever end? And will the monsoon rains ever come?
Colin Collis
Executive Producer
Ellen Windemuth
Produced For
Produced by Off the Fence for National Geographic Channel