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Monster Jellyfish
Monster Jellyfish 1 x 60'
Plagues of giant jellyfish are preparing to attack Japan – billions of these Sumo sized gelatinous monsters will wreak havoc on Japan’s coastal towns and cities. Big enough to sink fishing boats, the giant nomura jellyfish grows to over 2m long and up to 200kg, one of the world’s largest jellyfish. Rising sea temperatures has seen an increase in these monsters – and this year will see the biggest attack ever.

This film captures an underwater attack unfolding onto Japan’s shores. We follow a fishing community that is being destroyed by huge blooms, a scientist racing to find a way to stop these monsters breeding, and a chef determined to introduce jellyfish to the Japanese palette.

Is Global warming to blame? Can these Jellyfish blooms be stopped? Or are they taking over our oceans?
Jese Stern
Executive Producer
Dean Johnson
Produced For
Produced by Infocus Asia and Off the Fence for National Geographic Channel International in association with the Media Development Authority of Singapore