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Super Mole
Super Mole 1 x 60'
This light-hearted and insightful profile explores one of nature’s most amazing and industrious animals: the mole. The film ventures underground to reveal the incredible story of how this little mammal survives. We discover the mole’s dazzling superpowers: strong forelimbs, huge lungs, and a super-sensitive nose and whiskers. It’s almost as if the mole has its own internal GPS system cleverly navigating the extensive labyrinth of tunnels that make its home.

Our mole must put all these powers to good use, for above ground her arch enemy, the lawnmower, is trying every conceivable way to destroy her. We also find that our mole must eat constantly or die of starvation, so to survive she must outwit her human nemesis at every turn. So who will win?
Christophe Lioud, Emmanuel Priou, Yves Darondeau
Executive Producer
Ellen Windemuth, Joe Kennedy
Produced For
Bonne Pioche in association with Off the Fence for Arte France, Animal Planet & Discovery HD Theater