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Colombia: Wild Magic (Magia Salvaje)
Colombia: Wild Magic (Magia Salvaje) 1 x 90'
Filmed by a team of 87, covering over 85 locations with 150 hours of footage, this ambitious natural history feature documentary showcases 38 different species filmed in 20 documented ecosystems including the jaguar hunting its prey, the silver Arowana fish mouth-brooding its young, the mating rituals of the Orinoco crocodiles, the blue Morpho butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, the hammerhead and their young's migration, the Nazca boobies raising its chicks, and the bright golden dart frog feeding on ants. The film reveals the first ever footage of pictographs thought to be 20,000 years old, sighted between Guaviare and Caquetá, in the Guiana Shield, and was the first time the world’s rarest monkey- the Caqueta titi - has been filmed.

Directed by Mike Slee (Bugs 3D / The flight of the Butterflies), and with a soundtrack by David Cambell (Spiderman 2 / World war Z), this film was premiered in movie theatres by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and quickly became the most successful Colombian release of all time.

This cinematographic project was funded by Grupo Exito and co-produced by La Fundación Ecoplanet.
The film was written, filmed and produced by Off The Fence Productions Ltd.
Allison Bean
Executive Producer
Ellen Windemuth, Francisco Bonell, Martin Nova
Produced For
An Off The Fence production for Almacenes Éxito S.A. and Ecoplanet