i will not be silenced

"One Australian woman’s horrific gang rape leads to a seven year battle for justice in a dramatic court case in Nairobi.

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1 x 60' or 1 x 90'

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Rymer Childs






Finalist for Best Documentary - Social & Political Issues at the 2014 ATOM Awards

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One young Australian woman’s horrific gang rape has led to a seven-year battle for justice with the Kenyan legal system culminating in a highly publicized court case. Rape victims rarely report rapes and do not testify against their attackers in Kenya because they fear for their lives. Supported in her quest by a courageous high-ranking police officer, and some senior legal officials, much is at stake as Charlotte Campbell Stephen seeks justice against all odds. Throughout the case Charlotte’s testimony has detained her attackers in prison. Her life has been in constant danger. Her indomitable strength and her sense of outrage at the lack of rights for Kenyan women has been her inspiration and brought many silenced women out of the dark to stand at her side. Charlotte’s case is a test case for the women of Kenya and the reformers in the Kenyan legal system.

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