new beijing: reinventing a city

As China emerges as the economic powerhouse of the 21st century, no one can disrupt the biggest construction boom in the world's history. The impact of foreign architects in China may be greater than just the symbolist buildings they create. We explore the reconstruction and how it is turning the intellectual and cultural heart of China into a globalised metropolis.

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As China emerges as the economic powerhouse of the 21st century, Beijing is experiencing the most rapid redevelopment since Haussmamn redesigned Paris in the 19th Century. Olympic crowds marvelled at the new face of Beijing as it unveiled an impressive array of symbols by some of the world’s best-regarded architects: the Watercube and Birds Nest, the National Theatre, the CCTV Tower and the Beijing Capital Airport. In this film, International architects Paul Andreu, Australia's PTW, Foster and Partners and OMA, show us their iconic buildings. But will the efforts of emerging Chinese NGOs or the global financial crisis have any impact? With 400 cities of the size of Beijing to be built by 2020, China has little time to reflect on its past.

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