rosslyn chapel

This film reveals the secrets behind the stonemasonry of the Rosslyn Chappel.

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An expression of unbridled creativity, Rosslyn Chapel was carved 500 years ago by master stonemasons brought in from all over Europe. It was their patron’s way of trying to secure his place in heaven. Every square inch of stone inside and much of the outside stonework is covered in elaborate carvings, helping to make this one of the most enigmatic medieval chapels in the world – linked to the Knights Templar and now star of the Da Vinci Code. But what do the carvings actually mean? What was the inspiration that drove these stonemasons to the edge of their artistic ability? How and why did they create carvings that, until now, could not even be seen? Perched on a rocky mound just seven miles south of Edinburgh, Rosslyn Chapel is a truly rare architectural gem made legendary by its stunning stone carvings. Art historian Lady Helen Rosslyn, the chapel’s guardian and its greatest fan, will take us on a magical journey into the world of these medieval stones. This is the story of its creation, of its distinctiveness and of its enduring legend.

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