last lion of liuwa

‘The Last Lion of Liuwa’ is the emotive story of an African wilderness and the last refuge for a solitary Lioness.

programme information


1 x 60'

Production Company

Talking Pictures/Off the Fence





Episode Information

The Liuwa plain is spectacular and remote, and the source of the mighty Zambezi river. Rich golden grasslands dominate this dramatic landscape, but each year violent storms hit the Liuwa and the Zambezi bursts its banks, dramatically transforming this savannah into a vast shallow lake. Liuwa’s wildlife is just as dynamic: some leave, others arrive and for those that stay, they have had to adapt to a changing landscape and compete fiercely for territory and food. Our story is told through the eyes of a permanent predator of the Liuwa plain, the last remaining lioness of Liuwa. She is the sole survivor of a senseless massacre that took the rest of her pride. She is a symbol of the Liuwa, a place that challenges all who live in it and where adaptation is crucial to survival.

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