waking the green tiger, a green movement rises in china

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1 x 60' or 1 x 78'

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Face to Face Media





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Seen through the eyes of activists, farmers, and journalists Waking the Green Tiger follows an extraordinary, campaign to stop a huge dam project on the upper Yangtze river in southwestern China. Featuring astonishing archival footage never seen outside China, and interviews with a government insider and witnesses, the documentary also tells the history of Chairman Mao’s campaigns to conquer nature in the name of progress. An environmental movement takes root when a new environmental law is passed and for the first time in China’s history, ordinary citizens have the democratic right to speak out and take part in government decisions. Activists test their freedom and save a river. The movement they trigger has the potential to transform China. Also available a 20' follow up to Waking the Green Tiger - Searching for Sacred Mountain.

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