europe's last warrior kings

Join Dan Snow as he explores the political intrigues and family betrayals between Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Normans that led to war, and the Battle of Hastings.

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3 x 60'

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A BBC Production





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A thousand years ago a Viking, a Norman, and a Saxon fought for glory – the crown of one small island on the edge of Europe. Within a single year, two would be killed in battle, leaving just one of them victorious… rich and powerful beyond his wildest dreams. Using the latest analysis of ancient documents, we reveals a story of lust for power and wealth, a fight for culture and belief, a tale of family feuds and betrayals that changed Europe. Military historian Dan Snow will be at the heart of the action travelling to the locations where the story happened – places like Caen, Norway, Stamford Bridge and Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme, along with Hastings and Westminster Abbey. Entering a world of Viking longboats and axe-wielding warriors he'll conduct key experiments to get to grips with supplies, transport and most importantly of all, weapons, to piece together this extraordinary story and bring a brutal ancient world to life in episodes of vivid drama.

Episode Titles

Prelude to War England Under Attack Battle of Hastings

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