travel bug, the (series 6)

Journey with The Travel Bug to unique, exciting and spectacular destinations that every traveller longs to see.

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12 x 60'

Production Company

The Rusty Cage





Episode Information

Travel Bug is back for a sixth series showing us the destinations we long to see! In this series Morgan Burrett heads to the South Coast of Australia for some much needed sun, before making tracks to Japan for a winter adventure in Hokkaido. Morgan also takes us to Korea, including the spectacular Jeju Island, as well as the pacific jewel of Tahiti. Explore the history, culture, amazing spectacles and adventure on offer in some of the world’s best holiday destinations - this is a dream ticket to paradise!

Episode Titles

South Coast Australia Korea (Seoul) Korea (Inland and Jeju Island)
Japan (Winter on Hokkaido) Tahiti (Part 1) Tahiti (Part 2)
Malta (Part 1) Malta (Part 2) Greece (Part 1)
Greece & Crete Crete Special

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