million dollar matchmaker (series 1)

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10 x 60'

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ThinkFactory Media





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The world’s most renowned matchmaker is back and more outspoken than ever! Patti Stanger, along with her dynamic team, has upped her game in matchmaking. On this season of Million Dollar Matchmaker, Patti has taken over the 21st floor of an exclusive high end resort where she will go head-to-head with her most challenging clients ever. Every week, 2 new millionaires will be checking into the resort. Unbeknownst to the clients, Patti’s eyes and ears are everywhere. Patti will be throwing twists and turns during their stay where the client’s will receive individual “love lessons” designed by Patti to point them on the right direction to true, ever-lasting love. After an extensive recruiting, each millionaire will go on the same date twice with 2 potential matches to see if there is chemistry. But there’s a catch! The dater must choose the millionaire back or they will be forced to check out alone. Clients include Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham and the self-proclaimed “Human Ken Doll,” Justin Jedlica. And one of Patti’s most unforgettable clients, the millioneiress and “Hello Kitty” super fan, Robin Kassner is back for another chance at love. And watch what happens when Patti gets a blast from her past when Destin and Rachel come crashing through the doors. For old and new clients, Patti is their last resort to finding love. At the end of a week-long intense retreat, who will check out in love and who will leave alone?

Episode Titles

The Ken Doll and the Cliff Diver The Princess and the Man Boy Loosey Goosey and Mr Forever 21
Farrah Abraham and the Obsessed Dad The Pop Star and American Psycho The Dumped DJ and Shallow Hal
The Ice Queen and the Playboy Chef The Crying Virgin and the Gullible The Immature Bridesmaid and the Ex from the Block
The Doormat and the Lazy Lion

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