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In the glamorous yet cutthroat world of the hip hop music industry, it’s the dynamic people behind-the-scenes that turn artists into stars, close deals and get paid! In this exclusive, high-stakes realm, are six high-powered female entertainment attorneys who use the tricks of their legal training to get Money, Power and Respect in their personal & professional lives. Wendy Credle hustles as a single mother to get her son into a prestigious college. Kendell Kelly mixes business with pleasure when she catches her live-in boyfriend cheating on her! Dana Whitfield strives to prove to her husband, Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian, that she has the chops to sign the next big star. Kelly Shapiro aka “Shapiro the Hero” faces trouble when she bites off more than she can chew as a bi-coastal mogul juggling business between New York and LA. Nakia Thomas will stop at nothing to have her fashion blog rise to the top, and Tiffany Ballard plays dirty to sign more clients to her impressive roster. Attacking business from every angle, these driven women form a law collective in New York City to take advantage of each other’s areas of expertise, take their clients to the top and deposit another check into their bank accounts. While these alpha females help, use and abuse each other in their quest to get ahead, egos take over and business quickly turns personal! Ed Woods, a respected entertainment attorney and advisor to the group, does his best to offer guidance and advice... but even he can’t keep these personalities from clashing. Accusations run high when bottom lines run low, and the ladies struggle to manage the worlds of hip hop, fashion and technology, while balancing their busy lives, relationships and their checkbooks. Will their careers take off or crash and burn when they fight to do whatever it takes to get their clients, and themselves the Money, Power and Respect they deserve?

Episode Titles

Opening Arguments The Mistress is my Witness Till Death Do Us Manage
Judging Wendy Breach of Contract Closing Arguments

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