jim & chrissy: vow or never

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6 x 60'

Production Company

Ish Entertainment





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Hip hop duo Jim Jones and fiancé Chrissy Lampkin move to Miami and decide it's finally time to tie the knot after 11 years. But when Jim insists on televising the nuptials live, Chrissy begins to have doubts given their on again, off again track record. Things begin to unravel immediately when Jim stands Chrissy up and misses the first appointment with the wedding planner to party with his boys on a boat. And when Mama Jones comes to town with the intent on stopping the wedding, the battle lines are drawn. Meddling friends and a longstanding family feud push the couple over the edge. It’s their last shot at happily ever after. Will Jim & Chrissy finally make it to the altar or will the trip down the aisle tear them apart forever?

Episode Titles

Rules of Engagement Sticks and Stones and Mama Jones Mama Cut the Cord
Liar, Liar Wedding Plans on Fire! Naked & Betrayed Split Track, The

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