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1 x 75'

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Elevator Films





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Fasten your seatbelts. You're about to embark on an epic investigation of the long and glorious history of human stupidity. Setting out on an exhaustive search for its origins and true meaning, director Albert Nerenberg heads towards cultures lowest common denominator. He careens at warp speed through sound bites from television news, reality TV shows, Internet sites and popular films, then on to institutions of higher learning obsessed with the study of intelligence. After a tour through the worlds of fundamentalist religion and politics, he finally arrives at surprise! George W. Bush, the president of the world's only superpower and the most heavily armed nation on earth. What starts out as an entertaining romp through mass culture soon becomes ominous as cultural critics, authors, academics, entertainers, and people on the street reveal the economics and politics behind the dumbing down of contemporary culture. Hilarious, smart and very scary . (Also available Laughology and Boredom.)

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