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Elevator Films





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When journalist Albert Nerenberg has an encounter with death, he realizes that his life has become too serious. He goes searching for the antidote and finds laughter. He meets the founder of Laughter Yoga, the man with the “most contagious laugh in the world” and even gets to the root of the Tanzanian Laughter Epidemic, when over 35,000 people started laughing and couldn’t stop. Laughology straddles science and human drama as a remarkable charming story unfolds about laughter’s important place on this sometimes overly serious planet. Laughology, the first feature documentary on the subject is also an acclaimed comic odyssey across the remarkable story of laughter. This film was key in the rise of the international laughter movement and explores unusual laughter phenomena including a laughter epidemic, the history of laugh tracks and professional laughers. (Also available Stupidity and Boredom.)

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