keepers of the cape

Keepers of the Cape explores conservation projects relating to specific species and the link between tourism and conservation in the Western Cape, and is presented by zoologist Tali Hoffman.

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6 x 30'

Production Company

Insync Productions





Episode Information

Keepers of the Cape explores conservation in the Western Cape. Presented by Zoologist, Tali Hoffman, we embark on a journey, which takes viewers throughout the Western Cape as we explore this inimitable province and its environmental problems and solutions. In each episode Tali investigates environmental and conservation issues faced and asks the question what are we doing about it? Tali uncovers the Cape to share the positive conservation efforts in place and introduces viewers to the various players who are preserving this province. We unearth the relentless interplay between man and nature as the tug of war intensifies. Throughout the series episodes will be woven with a common thread, i.e. the need to find a balance between man’s immediate demands and future sustainability and how we manage our ecological budget efficiently… all this with the unrivalled natural beauty of the Western Cape as backdrop. Viewers can expect to see marine and terrestrial life such as the Southern Right whales, great white sharks, the charismatic African penguins, black rhino, Chacma baboons and more. Keepers of the Cape deals with conservation concerns relating to specific species and also includes a component of the link between tourism and conservation.

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