rhino trade uncovered

This film exposes the illegal trade in rhino horns and presents a case for legalisation.

programme information


1 x 60'

Production Company

Mothers Of Africa Project (PTY) LTD





Episode Information

Rhino Trade Uncovered will take viewers behind the scenes to reveal the real battle being waged to save the Rhino from extinction. The program takes a reality type approach to the subject, away from the stereo typical wildlife politics versus wildlife conservation circular arguments. World authorities on Rhino conservation – in National Parks, breeders, environmentalists, the scientific community, environmental economists, the National Prosecuting Authority, Specialised Wildlife Crimes Police Units, private anti poaching units, bio ethicists, electronic surveillance experts and foot soldiers arrested for poaching will contribute to the program. The program suggest's a solution to dramatically mitigate poaching, stopping poaching is not a reality. Viewers will be able to make an informed decision as to the best strategy to save our Rhino. Clearly current conservation strategies have and continue to be ineffective. If we continue to apply the same strategy we cannot expect a change in the outcome. South Africa is home to 95% of the planets Rhino. We have the product, there is a known and well developed market, we have a practical solution that will create jobs, create revenue for conservation instead of organised crime and most importantly save the Rhino from certain extinction.

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