raw travel (series 06)

Raw Travel is a one-of-a-kind, fast-moving series that showcases the growing popularity of socially and environmentally conscious travel. It celebrates the self-discovery that authentic cultural experiences can bring and incorporates eco-tourism, adventure sports, indie music, and authentic culture.

programme information


8 x 30'

Production Company

AIM TV group





Episode Information

Raw Travel is back for a stunning 6th series. Stripping the traditional travelogue of all its trappings and getting back to basics. Robert Rose invites viewers to shed their fears, crack out their passports, and strap on their backpacks. No celebrities: just real, ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. In this series we travel to the wilds of the US western frontier, discover the majestic Fjords of Norway and travel down the western coast of African from Ghana to Cape Town, this is travel as it should be: raw.

Episode Titles

The Wild, Wild West (North America) Road Trip! Western Frontier (U.S.A.) Norway? Yes Way!
Fjord-tastic Norway We Heart Johannesburg, South Africa Incredible Cape Town, South Africa
Going to Ghana: Accra & The Central Coast The Surprising South (U.S.A.)

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