some kind of spark

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Plow Productions





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Some Kind of Spark is a feature-length documentary that follows five kids from the far reaches of New York City as they embark on a life-changing experience—the opportunity to study music in Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program (MAP), a Saturday outreach program for kids from communities that are underserved in the arts. Painting a deeply intimate portrait of the students’ lives and patiently allows them to tell their own stories, Some Kind of Spark illuminates the universal challenges faced by students and educators in communities worldwide regarding music education and the lack thereof. Spanning borders and ethnicities, gender and class, the film is uniquely positioned to quietly, but effectively, illuminate these pressing contemporary social issues. Throughout the course of the film, these kids go on a musical journey, both inspiring and very challenging. This is a new world for these children—many who have never even heard of Juilliard—and the demands are high, even for beginners. They come from the far corners of New York City, from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, Jackson Heights and The Bronx, making the long trek, at times taking hours, as they navigate the buses and subway trains through rain and snow to reach the school early every Saturday morning. There is a natural arc to the story as the film follows the kids through some of the most formative years of their lives—and in the early beginnings of their relationship with music and their teachers—over a 2-year span. In this time, each child has his/her own conflicts and hurdles to overcome—from a first recital and stage fright, to the demands of daily practice, to a lack of family resources. Ultimately, this is a film about transformation. It aims to serve as an inspiration for other programs across the nation to nurture two of our most valuable national treasures: our children and our musical heritage.

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