collar of duty (series 1)

This entertaining and inspired series explores the world of service animals, and the life-changing impact they have on the people they help.

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12 x 30'

Production Company

Summerhill Media





Episode Information

Collar of Duty captures the incredible true stories of the service animals working to change people’s lives. From prisons to courtrooms, classrooms to medical emergencies, this series reveals the ways in which animals are making a major impact on the lives of the people who need them most. We talk to the family members, friends and dedicated animal trainers that help get these animals ready to assist; and we explore the latest technology being used in animal training, and meet the engineers building the next generation of gadgets. It’s a topic that is timely and transcends politics, culture and economic status, and this vivid series packs an emotional punch: at times moving and other times heartwarming and humorous - as life with animals so often is.

Episode Titles

Michelle & Thomson \ Rob & Thor Liane & Harley \ Jason and Blaze Brooklyn & Abbey \ Butch & Spirit
Chewy & The Kucey's \ LA & Nixon Braeburn and Annabelle \ Lynn and Zev Cora and Max \ Fern and Bella
Jade, Brooke and Nettle \ Steve and Squirt Jackson and the Pygmy Goats \ Sam and Molly Kim and Jamie \ CeCe and Aragon
Adam and Totem \ Michelle and the Rat Pack Deborah and the Prison Dogs \ Liam and Jupiter Steve and Tahoe \ Manny and Captain Jack Sparrow

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