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Mind Of A Giant
Mind Of A Giant 1 x 60'
Mind of a Giants explores what it is like to be an elephant, as revealed by revolutionary new research. As scientists struggle to find out how many elephants are left in Africa, they discover intriguing new behavior. In order to survive their current crisis, the elephants are learning. We are discovering that elephants must be considered one of the most clever and complex creatures on the planet. They exhibit empathy, grief, joy, fear and revengefulness, but their complexity goes beyond emotion. They have self-awareness, can co-operate and pass on information, and adapt to solve problems in ways we never knew.
Emre Izat, Geoff Luck
Executive Producer
Carole Tomko, Ellen Windemuth, Jody Allen, Paul Allen, Rocky Collins
Produced For
An Off the Fence Production for Vulcan Productions