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Wildest Indonesia
Wildest Indonesia 5 x 60'
The islands of Indonesia are a wild paradise of giant flowers and coral gardens, of dragons, tigers, giant apes and glorious birds of paradise. A staggering fifteen percent of all the world's species are found in this unique region. This island chain that straddles the equator has been forged by fire. Violent volcanic eruptions have created more than ten thousand separate islands - some huge, others merely a speck of rock. Indonesia’s archipelago is a centre of bio-diversity that is matched nowhere else in the world and is one of the last wild frontiers. This is a story of invasion, extinction, isolation and evolution on an unparalleled scale. Wildest Islands of Indonesia explores the incredible wildlife of this extraordinary archipelago. This landmark series reveals the remarkable ways in which life has been created, adapted and re-born over millions of years of natural selection.
Executive Producer
Allison Bean, Rob Holloway
Produced For
An Off the Fence Production for Discovery Networks International