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Sixth Sense
Sixth Sense 1 x 60'
Follow the world's leading experts on animal’s 6th sense. Natural disasters continue to threaten the world's populations. Animal’s unspoiled senses reach far beyond our perception. We follow the world's leading experts on animal behaviour to discover animal key species for future early warning systems. From California, over Indonesia to Western Australia - a scientific journey navigating phenomena of the natural world captured in breathtaking 4K imagery. Earthquakes, deadly tsunamis, powerful volcanic eruptions, destructive hurricanes and massive forest fires have become increasingly regular occurrences around the world. Humanity appears to be under threat by unexpected natural disasters. In our quest to develop new ways of predicting natural disasters, the world seems to be running out of time. Ingeniously, scientists have been turning their attention back to nature itself. Their focus has been on one of the great mysteries of the natural world: the super-senses of the animal kingdom. They have been wondering: could animals become part of early warning systems for imminent natural disasters so long as we observe them judiciously and correctly interpret their behaviour? Can the super-senses of the animal kingdom be harnessed to warn the world before future disasters strike?
Produced For
Produced by Off the Fence for Zweiten Deutschen Frensehen (ZDF)