seven women

This riveting documentary reveals the astonishing stories of seven women who were at the heart of the Easter 1916 Rising and whose influence truly deserve to be rediscovered.

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1 x 60'

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Tile Films





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Dublin, Ireland, Easter 1916. Seven men sign the Proclamation of the Irish Republic and kick off the Easter Rising, a famous rebellion against British rule. These men went on to be famous, but the women who were involved in this incredible event were all but forgotten. Over two hundred women fought or served with the rebel forces. Many of them were suffragettes and feminist activists and they made a powerful impact on the international campaign for women's rights. Two years later, the passionate rebel leader Constance Markievicz became Britain's first female MP. She and the others inspired countless women around the globe. Presented by award-winning actress Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter, The Butcher Boy), this docudrama reveals the extraordinary stories of Seven Women of the Easter Rising.

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