hustle & soul (series 2)

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8 x 60'

Production Company

Big Fish Entertainment





Episode Information

Back for a second series join the guys from the Pink Tea Point the hottest soul food restaurant in Brooklyn. This season, Lawrence is challenged by the competition…other soul food restaurants are stealing his thunder & a hot new bartender is moving in on his women! Lawrence’s strategy is to expand to a new location & win Ana back. But he faces a few major stumbling blocks. Thandi has news that could complicate everything. The Twins are moving up in their modeling careers, but one wants to move into LP’s apartment. Two new employees are shaking things up (& not always in a good way), and to make matters worse, Candice is now working for the competition. LP must go back to his roots, embrace his authenticity, and bring his work family back together again…

Episode Titles

Let's Get This Chicken Fried The HBIC Is Back Party Crasher
Dinner Party Disaster Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Miami Mayhem
Iron Fork In The Road A Chicken and Waffles House Divided

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