blowdown (series 2)

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4 x 60'

Production Company

Parallax Film Productions





Episode Information

Blowdown follows a team of explosive demolition experts as they implode iconic structures built to withstand time, gravity and natural disasters. Whether it’s the Sharaton Bal Harbor resort on Miami’s busy beaches or the RCA Dome in downtown Indianapolis, Controlled Demolition Inc from Phoenix, Maryland pushes demolition engineering to its limits. No two of these complex, iconic structures are alike, and each implosion is as much about ingenuity as it is about skill. We follow them scuttling the Hoyt S Vandenberg - a former US Navy spyship; imploding four cooling towers at the active Sellafield nuclear facility in England; and taking down the MST 40 rocket tower at Cape Canaveral. Each episode gives an insider’s look at these marvels of engineering and reveals what it takes to bring them to the ground.

Episode Titles

Goal! Monster Tower Super Stadium

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