cutting it in the atl (series 2)

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13 x 60'

Production Company

Leftfield Pictures





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The baddest bosses of ATL’s hair game are back & ready to battle for the top. Maja still holds the crown, but jealousy & betrayals shake her empire. Dedra’s new friend, Pat, makes Maja a prime target & she’s out to expose Maja’s secrets and take her down! Mushiya’s a “natural” threat with her movement on the rise, new products and new plans, but Maja won’t go down without a fight. Beautii’s busy with new business ventures and looks to Maja as an investor. LaKenya shifts alliances when she’s caught between two brands and bets Mushiya might have better bundles than Maja. Dedra’s new confidante Tre’ puts business before friendship, while Stephen befriends Maja as a business move. In the battle to reign supreme, it’s cutthroat & it’s Cutting It in the ATL Season 2!

Episode Titles

Natural Enemies The New Sheriff in Town Don't Reign of My Parade
Rest in Weaves World Wide Web of Lies The Friendtervention
What's in the Bag? Beauty School or Bust From Truce to Turnt Up
Beauty Boss Brawl Clip Controversy Beauti Show-Down

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