nigel marven’s cruise ship adventures

Join Nigel Marven as he reveals another dimension to cruise ship voyages, seeking out the extraordinary creatures that live in ports of call.

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6 x 60'

Production Company

Image Impact Ltd





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Cruise lines are big business, and growing in popularity – in 2014 alone, two million Brits set sail for an exotic holiday. This series reveals for the first time another dimension to cruise ship voyages - the extraordinary creatures that live in ports of call. For the first time all is revealed by adventurer Nigel Marven. He voyages on board a luxury cruise liner, jumping off at each port to meet the locals and take passengers and crew to search for astonishing animals living in holiday destinations. He plunges into Costa Rican jungles, dives beneath Caribbean waves, scrambles up Scandinavian cliffs and over Mediterranean mountains – but there’s limited time in port and the ship can’t wait for him, so his mission to seek out special animals is always a race against the clock. Limited Rights: US Territories & Possessions

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