collar of duty (series 2)

This entertaining and inspired series explores the world of service animals, and the life-changing impact they have on the people they help.

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12 x 30'





Episode Information

Building on the success of series one, this inspiring second series continues to showcase the incredible stories of service and therapy animals and the life-changing impact they have on the lives of the people they help. In each episode, we visit individuals living with a service or therapy animal and explore how their life has changed. From prisons to courtrooms, classrooms to hospitals, these animals make a real difference. We talk to a team of dedicated animal trainers, explore the latest training technology, and meet the engineers building the next generation of gadgets. We visit the training facilities connecting people and animals, pulling back the curtain to learn just what it takes for these special helpers to be deemed ready for service! This vivid series is moving, heartwarming and humorous - as life with animals so often is.

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