hell below (series 2)

Back for a second series 'Hell Below' charts the stealth game of subsea warfare, tracking the dramatic narrative from contact to attack of the greatest submarine patrols of WWII and the Cold War.

programme information


6 x 60'

Production Company

Parallax Film Produtions





Episode Information

Back for a second series Hell Below 2, an event-based series charting the stealth game of subsea warfare. Tracking the dramatic narrative from contact to climax of the greatest submarine patrols of World War II and the Cold War. From the Allies’ strikes against Axis might to cat and mouse games between the US and Soviet Union, we tell the stories of the sailors themselves along with the big picture strategies they’re caught up in. Pushed forward by the rapid evolution of technology and tactics. In the Second World War, both the Axis and Allies employ unrestricted submarine warfare to bring their enemies to their knees. With a keen understanding of geography and trade, they target commercial shipping routes, trade centers and choke points to starve their enemies men and material required to fight wars. In the Cold War, stealth trumps economic warfare. The Nuclear threat is very real: and monitoring what the other side is doing is paramount. Here, the US and Soviet Union use the stealth of the submarine to its fullest advantage. Sending their subs into enemy territory – sometimes in conditions the submarines were never meant for – to spy and bring back information. Or to conduct secret missions in an effort to change the global balance of power, right on the enemy’s doorstep.

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