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Into The Wild: Colombia
Into The Wild: Colombia 5 x 60'
Home to 1 in 10 of all species on the planet, other than Brazil, Colombia is the most biologically diverse country on Earth.

Straddling the equator, it has both Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. Between these, its landscapes are shaped by the soaring peaks of the Andes and carved by the mighty Amazon and Orinoco Rivers. These dramatic landscapes give Colombia a unique array of habitats: patchworks of mangroves meander through grasslands; mirror-like wetlands fringe verdant rainforests and sandy deserts; snow-capped peaks tower over slopes clad in misty cloudforests.

Colombia’s combination of constant tropical temperatures and ample rain produces the perfect conditions for an explosion of life. Throughout its diverse mosaic of habitats, it is home to more species of vertebrates than anywhere else on Earth. But however rich the habitat may be, for its inhabitants, life is never easy.

This series tells the stories of five very different groups of animals trying to survive the challenges presented by their homes, their neighbours, and sometimes even their own kind...
Angel Garcia-Rojo
Executive Producer
Allison Bean, Ben Roy
Produced For
An Off the Fence Production for Blue Ant Media