growing up hip hop: atlanta (series 3)

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10 x 60'





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This season, hip hop artist, Bow Wow, is officially off the market when a new love interest enters the mix, but there’s trouble in paradise when rumors and jealousy overwhelm the budding romance. Does Bow’s girlfriend have her heart in the game or is she just in it for the fame? As Bow reflects on his music career, his soul-searching leads him to a dark place. Alarming social media posts about suicide has everyone worried. Meanwhile, new fiery vixens are bringing heat to the Atlanta hip hop scene and shaking things up, including Love & Hip Hop’s Masika Kalysha and Bow’s twin, Lil Mama! But with the new, comes the old. Checkered pasts and love affairs resurface and will eventually come to a head and spark a firestorm.

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