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The fearless fox - exploring how the fox has become the most successful carnivore on the planet, exploiting human environments and dividing public opinion. Should this cunning critter be loved for his brazen pluckiness or vilified as vermin?

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1 x 60'

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Windfall Films





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The fox: portrayed as a sly and cunning character in stories and mythology across the globe. In reality, the fox is one of the most successful carnivores on the planet. In this documentary we explore how the fox exploits human environments and is getting ever more brazen. Nowhere more so than the crowded island of Great Britain where the urban fox is wreaking havoc, attacking pets and people and destroying gardens. With hidden cameras we reveal never seen before footage of a fox family living under a garden shed near London and we follow the twists and turns of their sometimes tragic and often heart-warming story as the cubs grow up and get ready to leave home. With state of the art tracking technology we uncover where the fearless fox goes and how he is managing to survive in the cities of England. We will meet a nation of people divided by this cunning critters’ success: some so desperate to get rid of him that they resort to drastic measures and one man so keen on these wild animals he has bought a fox her own apartment. Whether you think this brazen critter should be celebrated for his success or vilified as a pest it looks like there is no stopping the highly adaptable and ever triumphant fox.

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