secrets of the nazi treasure

This is the first comprehensive film about the intriguing adventures surrounding the myth-enshrouded Lake Toplitz and its supposed Nazi Treasure.

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1 x 60'

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Terra Mater Factual Studios





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High up in the Austrian Alps lies a mysterious lake that has obsessed treasure hunters for decades: Lake Toplitz. Legend has it that a massive collection of secret Third Reich documents and boxes filled with gold were sunk into the cold depths of Toplitz just before the end of WW II. Some of Adolf Hitler’s most senior followers including SS officer Ernst Kaltenbrunner and “war hero” Otto Skorzeny were implicated. The rumours don’t stop there. The area surrounding Toplitz was known as the ‘Alpine Fortress’ or ‘Alpenfestung’. It was planned that high-ranking Nazi officials would retreat to the fortress when defeat was inevitable. The idea was real; the fortress was an elaborate hoax. So what is the truth behind the legends of Toplitz? Treasure hunters have never stopped searching. Some divers have even drowned, caught up in the branches of ancient, submerged trees. In return the Lake has given up millions of pounds of counterfeit British bank notes and a testing station for secret weapons. What else lies at the bottom of the lake? This is the first comprehensive film to explore the dark intrigue that has transformed a picturesque alpine lake into a vault of Nazi secrets.

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