supersonic: the great adventure

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1 x 90' or 1 x 60'

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Bleu Kobalt





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Ever faster, ever higher… From Chuck Yeager’s successful breaking of the sound barrier in 1947 to high performance supersonic fighter jets, to the recent NASA advances and civilian jet projects for crossing the Atlantic in only 3.5 hours, this documentary recounts 70 years of human and technological challenges. For long, the sound barrier was considered unbreakable. To approach it, engineers have imagined since the 1940’s ever more innovative engines. Those were the days of aviation heroes who risked collision at each flight. Today, breaking the sound barrier is perfunctory for army jet pilots. But it hasn’t always been the case … In 1947, World War II is over. For the first time in aviation history, Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier. A dizzying race to speed starts. It will lead pilots to insane speeds, on board of more and more sophisticated engines. Along this competition between Europeans, Americans and Russians, we’ll discover how aircraft manufacturers and engineers created technological marvels. Their names: Blackbird SR-71 (USA), Mirage IV (France), MiG- 23 (Russia), F22 Raptor (USA) and Concorde (Europe). To tell the epic story of supersonic we film up close those exceptional pieces of aviation in the most outstanding museum and research centers with the participation of NASA, Lockheed Martin, Aerion Supersonic, Dassault Aviation, French Navy and US Air Force. The greatest world pilots, experts and aircraft builders unveil the secrets of their planes which became superheroes in their own right. With renowned pilot Babouc, from the French Navy, we’ll live the incredible experience of a supersonic flight aboard a supersonic Rafale. Archive material and rare sources will enrich the documentary from the first supersonic flights till today, as well as records that will deepen the film. The shaking arm of the machmeter when it reaches Mach 1, Mach 2, Mach 3… fasten your seat belts!

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