black out: 48 hours at america's number 1 party school

Books and beers, parties and tears, Fusion spends 48-hours at America's #1 Party School, Ohio U, for an in-depth look at college life. From the business of alcohol on campus to attitudes about sexual assault, we have a look through the eyes of students.

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1 x 60'

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Fusion Original Production





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Beer is cheaper than water at America's no. 1 party school. In 2016 Playboy named Ohio University the top party school in the US. The school is situated in the tiny town of Athens, Ohio, and students say there isn't much to do besides party and study. But who pays the price for this “work hard, play hard” lifestyle? We travel to Athens to spend a weekend on campus to learn more about its drinking culture. In Blackout: 48 Hours at America’s #1 Party School, we meet the folks behind the town’s business of booze—and reveal the numbers that explain how a college towns like Athens thrive.

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